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The arguments for exemption implicitly assert a moral superiority of canon law, instead of reviewing that canon law in light of the Commission’s substantial arguments.

The response of some Church commentators has been dismissive and disrespectful of the work of the Commission, foreshadowing defiance of civil law." The Prime Minister has to show that this report is going to be taken 100 per cent seriou sly, that it's not going to be put in a drawer," Mr Sullivan says." overnments should consider announc ing the establish ment of a joint COAG working party very soon after the release of the report , then institutions and others need to s et up their own implementation processes to engage with the government process .It has found that many other institutions covered up child sexual abuse to protect their reputations, but the Catholic Church is unique, because no other institution has imposed secrecy over child sexual abuse by writing it into its internal laws......Victims’s lawyers say uncertainty over whether report will be publicly released when inquiry concludes next Friday risks creating ‘another round of trauma’.

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