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She hosted many important TV shows, like Striscia la Notizia and Paperissima and recently gave proof of her exceptional skills as dramatic actor, singer and dancer by leading a stage adaptation of "The Sound of Music" and as a comedy actress in the Italian version of Canadian TV sitcom "Love Bugs".In the lovely person of Monica Bellucci, sensuality meets professional acting.This ex-model, who is now a full-time actress, is probably Italy's most popular show woman worldwide (and one of the most clicked names on the web too), thanks to her international career which also includes a part as Mary Magdalene in Mel Gibson's You probably already know her.Her almost perfect figure is the result of the hard training she underwent while practicing atlethics in her youth.Like many other colleagues, the blonde - but her real hair colour is red - bombshell has her breasts retouched by a plastic surgeon.

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