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I really try to be positive about the dating world.

Meeting dates through friends is definitely the easiest and safest, but it’s only so often you’re meeting friends of friends you’ve never met before.

Leah: I like when a guy suggests the first date, but if I’m having a conversation with someone and I’m really into this person, I have no problem asking for the first date!

I also think that with some apps, like Bumble, the girl is making the first move, so I feel somewhat obligated to suggest a date.

Finally, after a few weeks and not knowing his thoughts I said, ‘So when are we going to see each other outside of work? Although nothing serious came out of it, we went on a bunch of dates, are still cool with each other today, and I’m not sitting here wondering ‘what if’.

No matter where you go on a first date, you want somewhere with an easy exit if necessary!

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