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Mark_at_work _______ There is a difference between listening and waiting to talk. I’ve heard a great saying that serves as a good memory aid: “You have two ears, and one mouth.

Reddit is a safe haven to share anything, including dating advice. Here are some highlight that just happen to be really good dating advice.Remember that if you are going to follow up on a date, It's best to Keep it short But sweat.The best way to let a guy know that you like him is to throw in signals so that he can't miss it.In fact, the best thing you could do is let him chill-out before taking any steps forward. Just keep in mind that him being desperate may make it harder to just hang out. IF his feeling for you are genuine, he will come around to date you like a normal person. Dating more than one guy at once may be your way of figuring out, which one is the right guy for you.So it may be better to keep your distance till, you think he is emotionally stable before trying to get him to like you. Give him that and the next person he will be crushing on is you. If the guy you are currently seeing is a reditor and you are not ready to be touching any bases, you may be in for a surprise. Still, that should be the last thing you should be doing.

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