Marriage and dating in the netherlands

I don't have a job at the moment, so I do a lot of sightseeing and museum hopping.

During the week, my husband and I mostly stay in and watch movies.

Having gone through all kinds of ordeals with changing my name and the results of doing so, I think the Dutch way is far more practical!

), started emailing the middle of that same month, changed to Skype at the end of October, I made my first visit to the Netherlands to spend a weekend with him the end of November, we got engaged March 2008 and married the following November! Most of my husband's friends have registered partners, but only one other Dutch couple in his circle of friends is married.

Ask around and if you're not happy with what you've found, change.

Also make sure to have a list of questions to ask the vet or caregiver before taking your pet in.

Now, however, big American-style weddings are on the rise, but mostly weddings are small, comparatively quiet events, and - from what I've seen - tend to take place on weekday afternoons.

I have also learned that, unless the couple is Catholic, it is the norm to wear wedding bands on the right hand, which is not the same practice in the US.

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