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I do not blame the dog (contenting myself, as a rule, with merely his head or throwing stones at him), because I take it that it is his nature.

Fox-terriers are born with about four times as much original sin in them as other dogs are, and it will take years and years of patient effort on the part of us Christians to bring about any of the fox-terrier nature.

We were, as I have said, returning from a dip, and half-way up the High Street a cat darted out from one of the houses in front of us, and began to trot across the road.

Montmorency gave a cry of joy - the cry of a stern warrior who sees his enemy given over to his hands - the sort of cry Cromwell might have uttered when the Scots came down the hill - and flew after his prey. I never saw a larger cat, nor a more ; but there was something about the look of that cat that might have chilled the heart of the boldest dog. Neither spoke; but the conversation that one could imagine was clearly as follows:- THE CAT: "Can I do anything for you? Sorry I disturbed you." THE CAT: "Not at all - quite a pleasure. " MONTMORENCY (still backing): "Not at all, thanks - not at all - very kind of you.

The famous Medmenham monks, or "Hell Fire Club," as they were commonly called, and of whom the notorious Wilkes was a member, were a , nor fish, nor eggs.

They lay upon straw, and they rose at midnight to mass.

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There were a mastiff, and one or two collies, and a St. Then a sweet young lady entered, leading a meek-looking little fox-terrier, and left him, chained up there, between the bull-dog and the poodle. Then he cast up his eyes to the ceiling, and seemed, judging from his expression, to be thinking of his mother. Then he looked round at the other dogs, all silent, grave, and dignified.

Bernard, a few retrievers and Newfoundlands, a boar-hound, a French poodle, with plenty of hair round its head, but about the middle; a bull-dog, a few Lowther Arcade sort of animals, about the size of rats, and a couple of Yorkshire tykes. He looked at the bull-dog, sleeping dreamlessly on his right.

He looked at the poodle, erect and of agony rang through the quiet shades of that lobby.

Then Foxey came back to his own place, and caught the bull-dog by the ear, and tried to throw him away; and the bull-dog, a curiously impartial animal, went for everything he could reach, including the hall-porter, which gave that dear little terrier the opportunity to enjoy an uninterrupted fight of his own with an equally willing Yorkshire tyke.

Anyone who knows meeting; or, if not, who was being murdered, and why?

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