Kevin costner dating

But as he opens up during a long, candid conversation about parenting, love, work and aging, it's obvious Costner values simplicity and time with family over the fanfare of fame, and will risk whatever it takes to make good on the things he believes in.

His latest gamble is Black or White, a film due out in January, in which he plays a recently widowed prominent Los Angeles attorney.

From there, beefier roles led to The Untouchables in 1987, Bull Durham and then his career explosion moment with Dances With Wolves in 1990. He admits he has a heightened appreciation for how good life is these days.

By then established as a hyphenate actor-director-producer and all-American Everyman, he proceeded up the industry A-list. "I'm really grateful that so many of the things I hoped I would be I got to be," is how he puts it.

He was very direct, very real and very gracious all the time.

The script languished in development for years, and when the studios refused to finance it, Costner opted to put in half the production costs from his own pocket, essentially to fulfill a promise to Binder to bring a meaningful movie to screens. He directed Costner in last spring's Draft Day with good results and appreciated not just his solid character work as an emotionally distracted pro football general manager, but also his personal integrity as production hit typical snags and setbacks: "I think Kevin is a highly moral individual, and I never felt that he was pulling any kind of star stuff with me."There's a certain joy that comes with a struggle," he says, a hint of excitement in his voice. I've always liked the journey." Born in January 1955 in L. County's workaday city of Lynwood, Kevin was the last of three children of Bill Costner, a ditchdigger who later serviced electric lines for Southern California Edison, and Sharon, a welfare worker.He migrated with his family up and down coastal California as his dad changed jobs, eventually enrolling at the Fullerton campus of the state university system.Six years later, when the two re-met at a party, their relationship bloomed for real."And it just grew, and it grew, and it grew," Costner says, still sounding smitten.

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