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Depending on the package, you could get no messages, some messages or a lot of messages.These messages are usually brief and not always will you know what they mean, but many times they'll point you to the problematic part of the package.New online prototypes have been developed to extend and enhance the previous effort by facilitating investigation of product characteristics and intercomparison of precipitation products in different algorithms as well as in different versions at different spatial scales ranging from local to global without downloading data and software.Several popular Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) products and the TRMM Composite Climatology are included.It is seen that differences in daily and monthly precipitation products are distributed unevenly in space and it is necessary to have tools such as those presented here for customized and detailed investigations.

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If you are intending to create a patch for submission to then you should make sure you have the latest version of code and are working on the correct branch: branch, but replace this with the name of which ever branch you are working on.

I do not have enough knowledge of the views module to make a relevant review of this patch, so I just tried to write a small module providing such a filter. Doing some ticket cleanup - I will echo the sentiment in #14 - this functionality is really helpful in certain use cases and the david.fzs's sandbox module does the trick.

@merlinofchaos - do you think the sandbox code is a candidate for a merge? @merlinofchaos @dawehner You should just merge this in.

In addition, users can download customized data in several popular formats for further analysis.

Examples show product quality problems and differences in several monthly precipitation products.

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