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The plan did not run smoothly due to lack of support from her classmates; yet the BTB girls came to save the day.

In the night of the event, Putri was assaulted with a mild acid pouring.

Reza actually does not notice Ayu's feelings toward him, and when Ayu decides that the time has come to let it out on Reza, Putri appears to ruin her plans.

Yet Ayu does not give up easily, plotting to break up Putri and Reza, while ensuring at the same time that she maintains friendship with her rival.

Eddie gows out with another girl without Putri's knowledge.

Putri finds a necklace in Reza's bag by coincidence, thinking of it as a gift for her, until she realises it belongs to Ayu.

The first season of the series was also aired in Singapore on Suria from 26 December 2006 till 20 March 2007.

Apart from their passion toward futsal, Putri and Reza make a lovely dating couple albeit their different background.

But, unexpectedly Putri finds herself teaming up with her old rival Shasha and her teammates Zie, Sarah, J, Dayang and Ling.

This is where Putri realises that when a bunch of girls unite, they can outdo just anything in their lives.

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