Bottle dating beer

"This Keith's bottle will be the highlight of my collection," says Crouse.

"I was told by the head guy at Keith's that it probably wouldn't be advisable to (drink from it).

HALIFAX -- An amateur scuba diver has recovered a bottle from the bottom of Halifax harbour that could contain beer that is more than a century old.

And there's a possibility, though slim, the ancient brew could be drinkable.

After Jon Crouse pulled the green glass bottle from the billowing silt beneath three metres of 10 C water, he discovered its cork was intact and it was half full of a cloudy, sudsy liquid.

This classic American-style sour exhibits notes of bright acidic stone and tropical fruit, subtle brett funk with a clean, dry finish. The Wild Rye IPA (6.75%) is a lively, tropical India Pale Ale blending rye spice, dank mango, and pine notes from American hops, with the rustic character of house brett. Beer Club, a year-long limited membership program that provides exclusive sour and wild ale beer releases to members.

The alcohol in the beer and the anti-microbial nature of the hops used to make the brew would protect it from poisonous pathogens, he says.

"Ninety-nine per cent of beer gets stale, but it doesn't become poisonous," Reynolds says. If it is straight up beer from back then, everything we know says that it should be drinkable." But in all likelihood, it would taste awful.

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